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Zionsville Events


August 21 - November 11

Activities in blue print indicate extra-curricular activities for a blue stripe. Click on the activity to sign up for it online!



21                    New Semester Begins.  Please start your Personal Achievements You have until Sept. 21st


4                      Dojo Closed – Labor Day. Please attend the previous Friday night session to stay on track!

6-7                   Bring a friend night! Get your white stripe!

13                    Fall Weapons Only Class Starts.  Train each Wednesday night from 7:10-8:00 until Christmas Break.  $49 per month for three months. See the front desk.

16                    Board-Breaking Parents Night Out! 6:30-10:00. Drop the kids off for a fun-filled night of games and board breaking! We will provide dinner and drinks.  $35


16                    Zionsville Fall Break – We will be open for classes.

27                    Zionsville Dojo-Level Tournament.  Friday 5pm.  Come and experience a friendly “teaching tournament”.  We will compete in Kata and Sparring with medals awarded!  No makeup classes will be offered this Friday night.  $35

31                    Dojo Closed – Halloween Night


3                      Dojo Cleaning.  7:10-7:40pm           

11                    Belt Promotion at the High School (Time TBA)


NOTE:  Credit requirement this semester = 22 hours (23-24 available regular classes).