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Competition Team

What is Competition Team?

While we do train some sport karate in class, we don't require students to compete in our local tournaments. However, if they express interest in competing, we can take them to the highest levels. Sensei Paul has years of competition experience under his belt and Adamson's Karate has several people that compete up to the international level and win. Our Competition Team is a class that meets during the winter and spring months on Saturdays for three hours to work on kata, kobudo (weapons), and kumite (sparring).

How do we get on Competition Team?

It all starts in the classroom. If we see a student that we believe has the dedication to pursue competition, we make note of it when it comes time to send out invitations. If you or your child expresses interest to join the competition team, talk to Sensei Paul. He'll either give you things to work on before you can join, or make note of your desire to compete and send you an invitation in the fall.

Why compete?

Students are always welcome to compete at the Adamson's Karate tournaments, regardless of if they are on our competition team or not! In fact, we greatly encourage it. Getting under some pressure and testing your skills and focus in a competitive environment are valuable skills and provide terrific feedback (not to mention it's a lot of fun!). It also helps give a sense of what it's like to work under pressure, much like out black belt tests. But, training every weekend with your teammates and forming that kind of bond and camaraderie are terrific for the friendships they develop in the dojo and also their karate. It pushes them to excel and all of our students on team meet that challenge. Joining our competition team also allow them the chance to compete at the Regional and National competitions and potentially higher if that is a path they wish to take.