Zionsville Belt Promotion - 3 or more family members

Zionsville Belt Promotion - 3 or more family members

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This Semester we will promote the last 20 minutes of our last regularly scheduled class.  Next Semester we are looking forward to having our promotion together at the High School on Nov. 14th (We Hope!!!)

The schedule will be as follows for Zionsville.
Wednesday, August 19th
White Belts, 4:45-5:15
Intermediates, 5:30-6:20
Black Belt Candidates, 6:30-7:20

Thursday, August 20th
Beginners, 5:30-6:20
Novice, 6:30-7:20
Black Belts, 7:30-8:20

Parent's are allowed to attend, just please wear a face mask.
Note: Each student needs (2) Red Stripes for Kata we do in class (2) Yellow Stripes – One for Sparring we do in class, and one for teaching.  (2) Black Stripes for Personal Achievements – We are starting now (for 21 days in a row, do your kata three times and do ten "elevator pushups")  (1) Blue Stripe we will do in class.  We are not requiring an extra-curricular stripe this semester for obvious reasons*.  So… you need to assist in two classes, do your stripe logs and the rest we do in class.  Pretty simple. 

Note2: Some of you are still on Zoom.  I would like to promote you privately in the dojo if possible on Friday, August 21st.  The dojo will be empty and I will wear a mask and keep my distance.  Please reach out to me to schedule a time.  If this doesn't work for you let me know, we can do a Zoom test but it would be nice to see you and your Karate in person if possible!  Btw, we will continue Zoom classes at least until the end of this Semester as scheduled in previous weeks (longer if need be!).  
Shihan Paul Adamson

*Those of you that attended our Summer Camp will still get a Blue stripe!